Amateur Explorers Discover Huge Ancient Underground Cave For First Time

According to media outlets in Montreal, explorers have made a big discovery. As Metro reports, the vast hidden tunnel was previously undiscovered despite stretching for hundreds of metres under the city.

Rock formations are understood to date back more than 15,000 years to the Earth’s last ice age. ‘It’s just beautiful,’ said Luc Le Blanc, who found the network of caverns earlier this year with fellow ‘caver’ Daniel Caron. ‘The walls sometimes look like layers of fudge and chocolate; there’s brown, there’s dark brown, there’s ochre.’ The pair took camera crews around the cave underground passage recently, which has been recorded by the Toronto Star.


For years, Le Blanc and Caron poked around an existing cave in the city, known as the St Léonard cavern, suspecting that there was more to it. Discovered in 1812, the cave sits below a city park. In 2014, Caron used dowsing – a technique sometimes used to locate ground water – to detect an anomaly in the ground, suggesting there could be a passage lying beyond the existing cave.


The explorers decided to poke a camera through a fist-sized fissure at the end of the existing cave and discovered in the blurry images they managed to capture that there was indeed a second undiscovered cavern. After painstakingly drilling through the ancient limestone walls of the existing cave they finally got through – and were shocked by what they found on the other side.


On Monday, the city said it had commissioned a study of the cave in order to determine its exact depth and extent, with the hopes of one day opening the site to the public.


Story Credit: Metro

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons




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