Avoid When Traveling by Air

Airplanes have a reputation of being…


among the most germ infested places. This is not exactly true. At ParaDocs Worldwide Inc, with a collaboration of doctors and paramedics. Train and bus stations as well as public toilets are higher on the list. “However, if you are traveling via air this holiday season, you should definitely take precautions to avoid getting in contact with germs needlessly.” Any in flight magazines and pamphlets regarding safety are frequently accessed and seldom cleaned, if at all. At a minimum, the in flight magazines are changed once a quarter- so keep this in mind after thumbing through the Sky Mall catalog.


Make sure you CLOSE the toilet lid when you flush. If you don’t, you could launch germs from the toilet into the air (and breathe it) when it flushed. Washing hands is crucial after using the toilet; however, it is important to note that, many passengers don’t. So, when you touch the taps or open the door, you may be coming into contact with germs. Therefore, you should use a paper towel to open the inside door, turn on and off the fixtures, close or lift the toilet lid and flushing the toilet.


“I would be highly suspicious of the blankets and pillows.” Unless they are presented to you in a plastic bag, it is highly possible that they were previously used. They may not have been washed for days, even week. In fact, an article published by the WSJ in 2007 reported that airlines washed their blankets only every 5-30 days. People using the lavatory have not washed their hands before touching the taps. Beware of that and cover the tap before turning the water on. Use a wipe or a paper towel. Also, the water used in the lavatory sink is called ‘Potable Water’ and is filled into the same tank that distributes to all coffee pots, hot tea and the lavatory sink.


Article credit: The Active Times

Photo credit: cnntees

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