Bad Eating Habits

We’re all guilty of bad eating habits from time to time.


From eating a banana the wrong way round to inadvertently causing cultural offense with culinary faux pas, it’s easier to slip up than you might think.  Habits you need to break? A working lunch might seem a good idea when you’re snowed under but crumbs can create a breeding ground for bacteria in your hard-to-clean keyboard. Instead, take food outside or to a communal space – not least to get some air and take a break. It’s not particularly hygienic to use your personal cutlery or chopsticks to serve other diners. Most restaurants will have a serving set intended for that use only. They’ll be typically larger and longer than a personal set.


We usually eat a burger with the thickest part of the bun at the top but often it’s better to eat it upside down. The extra bread soaks up the juices and flavors rather than the thin bottom side becoming soggy. Continuing the upside-down theme, it’s better to eat toast condiment side down. It means your tongue and taste buds will be more exposed to all the flavor in the topping. Many of us treat a kebab skewer as a corn on the cob, eating pieces straight from the stick-really?  Instead, use a fork to prize the pieces off the end of the skewer at the start, all in one go. Then enjoy with knife and fork as normal.


Almost all Thai dishes should be eaten with a fork and spoon, not chopsticks. The only exception is noodle dishes. No self-respecting Italian uses a knife when eating pasta, particularly long noodles and ribbons like spaghetti and tagliatelle. Instead, dip your fork in, rotate, bring a spoon underneath to force the pasta onto to the fork and eat. Easy. Just some fun stuff to consider.


Article credit: Lovefood

Photo credit: YouTube

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