Meds may be designed to treat you, but certain ones, particularly antibiotics  like penicillin, could cause a reaction that fuels your agony. “You could develop an inflammatory antibody response to something you’re taking.” But here’s what distinguishes it from other causes: You’ll see the effects pop up all over your body. You could develop a skin rash, your eyes may look red, and you might find yourself suffering from GI irritation.


You’ve got gout ?
This painful condition is caused by a build up of uric acid, which forms crystals that cause inflammation in your joints. (People at higher risk of gout  include those with a family history of the disease, people who drink to much alcohol, are overweight, or eat a lot of foods high in purines like meat and seafood.) You’ve probably heard of people suffering a gout attack in their big toe—and that’s where it often strikes first, but it can also develop in other areas like ankles and knees.


You may have sarcoidosis ?
A healthy immune system fends off whatever’s trying to make you sick. But if you have sarcoidosis, an inflammatory condition, there’s a break in this action, causing immune cells to form clusters in different organs and leading to symptoms like fever, fatigue, and wheezing. And according to a 2010 study, as many as one-quarter of sufferers also experience a type of sarcoidosis arthritis, aka joint pain.


Article credit: Prevention

Photo credit: healthpatrol  

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