Cleaning Mistakes in the Kitchen

You probably think you’re being super efficient by…


Cramming as many plates, glasses and cookware into your dishwasher as humanly possible. But stacking your dishwasher this way, will likely result in dishes that don’t get as clean as they should. Instead of jamming utensils together, alternate placing spoons with the handles up and down, but keep forks with their tines pointing upward. Also, never stack items one on top of the other, because the water won’t be able to reach the ones on the top of the stack. Another tip: place the dirtiest items on the bottom rack, facing the center of the dishwasher, so they get the maximum force of the spray arm.


If your microwave emits an unpleasant odor every time you open the door, put down the spray cleaner and grab a lemon. You can clean and deodorize a microwave by placing a 3/4 cup-full of water with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice inside the microwave. Heat it up until it boils and then let it sit inside for 10 minutes without opening the door. Then, wipe away any grunge with a clean, damp cloth and dry with a dry one, resulting in a clean, stink-free microwave.


It’s a fact of life that burner grates are going to get messy, what will all the grease and caked-on grunge that can accumulate during the course of regular cooking. Instead of trying to just scrub it off, place each burner grate in a resealable freezer bag, spritz liberally with ammonia (about a quarter-cup) and then seal up the bag. Let it sit overnight (in a bin or large container, in case the bags leak). Make sure they’re sealed tight, as it is the fumes, not the liquid, that does the cleaning. Then, remove from the bags and (wearing rubber gloves, in a well ventilated area) wipe clean with a sponge and watch all that gunk come right off — no scrubbing required!


Article credit: Food Network

Photo credit: Food Network Canada

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