Your Company Irresistible To Millennials

If your company helps create local, broadly shared prosperity…


A healthy community and a cleaner environment, it’ll attract Millennial employees to your business. Many Millennials complain it’s hard to find good jobs. Many employers moan that it’s hard to attract Millennials—and harder again to keep them for long. If you’re an entrepreneur whose company is one that they’ll find attractive, know it and use it. And know how to manage your Millennials! This is no fad, like their rumoured preference for beanbag chairs, ping-pong tables and free espresso. Sociologists say it’s because we human beings are meaning-seeking creatures. By this, they mean that we humans appear hard-wired to need our lives to be part of a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves and that benefits others—family, friends or the world.


Start by treating your employees well. Yes, many of them want to improve the world, but all of them expect work conditions that include attractive pay and benefits, an inviting work culture and room to learn and advance. Get these basics right first. Bring them down to Earth (if need be). Their professors told them companies can eliminate world poverty. They might not know this is very rare. Help them understand that if, for example, your company employs twelve people, then that’s twelve livelihoods that enable twelve people to live lives of proud self-sufficiency and that help make your town or city a better place to live in.


Help them jettison old-fashioned thinking. The sharp Millennials don’t confuse company charity with company purpose. Ask them what they think. Don’t choose and saddle them with a pet cause that you like. Tell them you’d like to choose one and ask them for ideas. Excite them by joining a global movement! If you run your company well, treat your employees well, have strong community ties, keep waste and pollution low and maybe even sell something that’s inherently beneficial for society.


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