Couple To Run Deserted French Island

It could be your chance to live on a deserted island.


The French government is looking for a new couple to take over the tiny Brittany island of Quéménès. The current occupants, who were chosen 10 years ago, have decided to leave. Wanted: Person(s) to run Brittany island. Must be practical-minded and resilient. Farmhouse provided. Solitude guaranteed. And someone has to live there. The background is this. After thousands of years of human occupation, the last owners of Quéménès quit the island farm 25 years ago. The main condition, you would have to earn your livelihood.


Like, grow Mona Lisa potatoes, and market over the internet and post to purchasers from the neighboring (inhabited) island of Molène. Run a guesthouse for six months of the year;  manage the sheep; and  gather edible seaweed. The other challenge is to use only those resources provided by the island. Electricity comes from a wind turbine and solar panels, and their water is drawn from the island well, itself fed by rainwater. Toilets are of the dry variety.


The one hiccup is that under typically recondite French regulations, the island water is classed only as “buvable” and not as “potable“. Both words mean drinkable, but unless water gains the higher health status of potable, it cannot be used in any process of food transformation. The Royal Navy knew these waters well, from its frequent incursions against the French Atlantic fleet and its base in Brest. The nearby island of Ouessant is known in English charts as Ushant. Sounds like fun ?


Article credit: BBC News

Photo credit: EPA

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