Dangerous Tourist Attractions In The World

There are many tourists that clamor to go to spots despite their risks…


Especially adventurers that love adrenaline and pushing the limits. Check them out! Like, In Villarica there’s an active volcano, and a tourist attraction that offers tourists an opportunity to do bungee jumping into its crater. The most adventurous can risk being just 700 meters away from the volcano, which is extremely dangerous. A zoo, tourists come into contact with lions in a different way. The truck works as a moving cage, and the felines are the ones to come and visit the people.


Bears USA. An original idea, but it’s not 100% safe. There have been accidents and moments where the bears have attacked the visitors. Despite the fact that there’s a truck and a cage, you should still be cautious if you go to this attraction. Tiger Temple (Thailand),  was once home to a place where tourists could be in contact with tigers, feed them, and take photos. When the site was inaugurated in 2001, it had around 150 tigers. However, after a few years, as tourists and tamers alike were attacked by the felines, it ended up being closed by the local authorities.


Canyonlands National Park. Located in the state of Utah, the park is considered one of the most difficult to hike through, due to the risks of falling rocks and possible flooding. Swim with Polar Bears (Canada) In Ontario, there is an attraction where you can swim next to dangerous polar bears, though you are kept apart by strong safety glass. And there is always,


Swim with Jellyfish (Australia). Jellyfish are dangerous animals that kill more people than sharks or crocodiles, and can be more venomous than any snake. Whats your thrill?


Article credit: StarsInsider

Photo credit: Dan Walson



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