Epilepsy Warning: Incredibles 2

People want Disney and theaters to add an epilepsy warning before screening ”Incredibles 2.” The movie’s flashing lights and flashing scenes may affect people, who are photosensitive and epileptic.


People are tweeting …


“triggered a fainting episode that lasted several hours. my mom and sister had to carry me out of the theater because I couldn’t walk.”


“This is not a joke. I was at a first-night showing tonight, and my immediate thought was how disastrously unsafe this movie is for my photosensitive epileptic friends. There are multiple scenes in this movie with full-screen, black-and-white flashing strobe effects. They all happen without warning, and last anywhere between a few seconds to more than two minutes. In a darkened movie theater, this means the likelihood of a seizure could be VERY HIGH if you are sensitive to these effects.”





story credit:  wsfa.com

photo credit:  movies.disney.com

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