Foods You Should Try In 2018

Foods and drinks I’m getting excited about and how you can cook them over the coming months. 


One of the fastest-growing trends in recent years, fermented and pickled foods are cropping up everywhere from restaurants to recipe books. Ferments like kimchi, kombucha and the meat substitute tempeh are thought to improve gut health. Seaweed, sea vegetables and spirulina are all types of algae, defined as a simple aquatic organism. It’s easy to grow and cultivate which makes it an attractive food for the future. Once associated with Japanese cuisine, it’s now popping up in dried and fresh form and can be used to replace salt in potato chips and popcorn or as a vegan substitute in salad dressings and ice cream.


Readers of a certain age may disregard sherry as grandma’s sweet festive drink but there’s more depth and complexity to it than we once appreciated. Sherry cocktails are increasingly popping up in bars and retaurants, where the fortified wine adds dryness and a unique flavor to drinks, and it’s being hailed as an ideal aperitif. For connoisseurs and lovers of natural wine there’s a rama sherry – unfiltered raw straight from the cask. Once you’ve had your fill drinking it, try adding sherry to food and soups yes soups.


Paneer, a fresh firm Indian cheese, has rapidly gained popularity and is now becoming widely available. Try it skewered, in kathi rolls, or in spinach and potato bites.  Next year, we’ll also be looking out for Indian small plates, such as papri chaat and the ‘potato burger’ vada pav, popping up more and more. The turmeric trend continues apace. The golden spice is revered for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities, and its orange hue brightens up everything from curries to cakes. Forget about endlessly disappointing turmeric lattes and try it in a warm turkey and squash laksa.


Article credit: Lovefood

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