Friday May 17th 2019: Joke Of The Day


A little old lady at on her porch on her rocking chair one evening and her faithful cat was curled up on the rug beside her.


Suddenly there was a Poof! and a godmother fairy, complete with a wand, hovered in air before her. “Because of your good life, I’m here to grant you three wishes!” she said to the little old lady.


“Oh yeah, right.” said the scoffing little old lady. “If that’s true, then turn this old rocking chair into a pile of gold.” Cha-ching! The old lady abruptly found herself sitting on a mound of gold coins.


She gasped, then said to the fairy “Can you turn me back into a voluptuous 21-year old again?” Zzipp! And she was a wonderful young woman in a slim evening gown.


She then turned her gaze to her faithful cat. “Turn my cat into the handsome man of my dreams!” With a Foosh! the cat was replaced by a strikingly good looking man, followed by a Poof! as the fairy godmother disappeared.


The young man came over and took the young woman tenderly into his arms. “Now Darling,” he whispered into her ear, “don’t you wish you never had me fixed?”

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