What Could It Be? Islanders Puzzled Over Mysterious Beach Debris

Ellen MacLeod was walking along the beach near the harbour in Alberton, P.E.I., last Sunday, when she noticed something strange protruding from the wet, red sand.

Some driftwood, perhaps? Couldn’t just be that, she said. The wood was all ragged and covered in moss and had some sort of form to it.

“I went to social media looking for insight or opinion, either people say they’re absolutely sure it’s a wharf or they’re absolutely sure it’s a ship,” MacLeod said.

She’s not the first one to come across the mysterious wood.

Truth is, no one knows what it is — at least not yet — but there’s plenty of debate online.

“I’m leaning more towards it being a ship because that part has a little bit more mystery to it,” MacLeod said.

The mysterious wood is partially buried at the edge of the water line and can only be seen on low tide, MacLeod said.

What do you think it is? Let us know.


Story and picture: http://www.cbc.ca


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