Kitchen Gadgets To Eat Healthier

For those who want or need to avoid excess…


Sugars or allergens found in some of the most popular dressings, it’s simple to make a from-scratch salad-topper or chicken marinade. Pop the lid off of your OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker, and the process is as easy as layering ingredients (up to 1.5 cups) according to the measurements labeled on the side of the canister. Replace the airtight top, shake, and flip back the lever to open no-drip spout. Whatever doesn’t get used in one meal can be stored in the fridge until the next time.


Soda sales may be on the decline but that doesn’t mean North-Americans have given up their love of sweet drinks. For a healthier alternative to the popular sugary beverages, many have begun to flavor their drinking water at home. To sweeten filtered or tap water, simply cut a selection of melons, berries, or citrus into bite-size pieces and stuff them into the insert on the Vremi Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher —along with bagged tea or herbs like mint or basil—then reassemble the pitcher. Your custom flavor will be ready for sipping after it chills in just four hours.


Steaming ranks among the very healthiest cooking methods, because like boiling, it involves neither fats nor oils. And whereas boiling tends to steal flavor, at least from many vegetables, steaming does not. A countertop steamer, like the one from Oster, makes it easy to get tasty, nourishing results every time. For added convenience, the two-tiered Oster enables you, to prepare multiple foods at once, and the removable, dishwasher-safe bowls nest for easy storage when not in use.


Those who have resolved to eat healthier this year, may not need to completely cut out fried foods like breaded chicken strips, fries, and homemade falafel. For any health conscious person who isn’t quite ready to give up on their guilty pleasures, the answer is to start cooking with air. The Phillips Air Fryer lets you cook your favorite fried foods with 75% less oil than traditional frying methods. Drop a mere tablespoon (or less) of oil into the machine, add your food, and let the cooker work its magic.


Article credit: Bob Vila

Photo credit: amazon

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