Is Lemon Water Really A Game Changer?

Would your life be better if you started every day with water and lemon? 


I know, “life” is a bold word choice there in my quandary, but if you flip through any magazine or scroll through any blog focused on health and wellness, you’ll quickly get the impression that you’re the outlier if you’re not starting your day with freshly squeezed lemon juice in your (preferably warm) water. You see… I don’t really like water. (Love lemons though.)


64 ounces is a lot of liquid?  Have you heard how much water you’re supposed to be drinking every day?! Recommendations vary pretty widely (based on your sex, age, activity level, and who knows what else), but Anne Dahany MS RDN (a registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition communications consultant, who specializes in  health and healthy aging) confirms that the classic eight 8-ounce glasses is easy and covers most people.


Okay, great you don’t need a formula to figure out how much to drink—but eight cups is still a lot! And it’s not just the drinking that’s the problem, it’s the impact on your bladder—you might as well set up your office in the bathroom. Though, if you’re there, it’s an easy spot to tell if you’re hydrated, no calculations required: “Urine color is a great way to know if you’re appropriately hydrated too: dark = dehydrated, light = perfect.” (Sorry. Moving on…)


Bubbles > no bubbles, so sparkling water > tap water. On the upside, at least my sparkling water addiction is still keeping me hydrated and counting towards my lofty eight-glass goal. Sparkling water absolutely delivers as much hydration as flat water, and: “Really, any beverage, or food that’s liquid at room temperature (ice cream, sorbet) is hydrating.” (Please note that was in no way an endorsement of meeting your daily hydration needs through ice cream alone.)


Yeah, yeah, fresh clean water is delicious in its own right, blah blah blah. Is it, though? I beg to differ. For me, the subtle flavor of tangerine (or coconut, or grapefruit) often found in sparkling water, easily trumps the absence of any flavor. So plain water is an especially big challenge, but at least water with lemon has some fruity flavor going for it. “lemon is very acidic and can cause tooth enamel erosion, so don’t go overboard, and swish your mouth with plain water or brush your teeth afterward!”


So, warm water and lemon has some benefits, if not an end-all-and-be-all approach to healthy living. If it’s a more enjoyable way for you to get that first glass of water in, then keep it up.


Article credit: Food52

Photo credit: Food52

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