Low Batteries And How To Fix It

Do you find yourself constantly charging your smartphone? Low batteries are common among smartphone users and the ever-changing technology seems to be more and more of a drain on our battery life. If you are taking photos throughout the day, streaming music or even worse… watching videos, then you are quite familiar with the “Low Battery” notification.


Here are some useful tips you can try on your smartphone to improve your battery life throughout the day.


 Try hard to not use your smartphone while it is charging

Short charging cables are short for a reason. Phone manufacturers do this to discourage you from using it while it is plugged in. Simultaneously charging and using your device can greatly reduce battery life. Most phones use lithium-ion batteries which have a limited charge cycle after which they need to be replaced.

Use low power mode

Low batteries are not the end of the world. You can still hang in there for a few more hours if you limit phone use and use the ‘Low Power’ setting on your device. In Low Power Mode, non-essential tasks are disabled, giving you a few more hours of battery life.


Story Credit: Tccrocks

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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