Maybe Its The Makeup?

Have you had skin issues over the years and haven’t had much luck treating them? It very well could be the makeup you use that is causing you problems. 


Some medications and makeup don’t mix. If you are being treated for acne you might need to change up some of the makeup you use.


All makeup such as foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and moisturizers, should be oil-free. Try out powder blushes and eyeshadow.


Choose products that are labelled as “noncomedogenic” (do not promote the formation of closed pores) or “non-anagenesis” (should not cause acne).


Using acne medication? You might find it difficult to apply foundation evenly during the first few weeks of acne treatment because the skin may be red or scaly, particularly with the use of topical tretinoin or benzoyl peroxide.


Try to remove your makeup every night with soap and water.


Story Credit: Health 24

Photo Credit: Flickr


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