Monumental Travel Mistakes

Sometimes travelling doesn’t quite go to plan.


I’ve even made mistakes, missed a flight or got the gate wrong. But these people have taken travel fails one step further. I’ve tracked down some of the most monumental travel mistakes ever made, from people flying to the wrong continent to tourist buses running out of fuel in the middle of the Outback.


Essex and Las Vegas are rather different destinations, but in 2017 a British businessman mistakenly flew to the Nevada resort city after boarding a flight in Cologne, thinking he was actually going back to Essex in England. The finance broker fell asleep and woke up only to see on the in-flight map the plane had traveled over the UK. He deemed the experience a ‘major security failing’, saying his boarding pass was checked three times by airline staff before getting on the plane.


Arid, remote and endlessly orange, the Australian Outback is the last place you’d want to find yourself stranded. In 2008, though, that’s exactly what happened to customers on an Adventure Tours Australia bus. Unprepared for the long drive, the bus ran out of fuel in the middle of the desert, forcing passengers to walk 28 miles in one of the harshest environments in the world to find help in William Creek, South Australia.


And the trk of Noel Santillan, a 28-year-old American tourist in Iceland, made a serious mistake when using his GPS on arriving at the airport. Aiming for Reykjavík’s main street, he typed ‘Laugarvegur’ instead of ‘Laugavegur’ into his sat nav and ended up 270 miles away in the remote fishing village of Siglufjörður. The story has a happy ending though: he became something of a celebrity in Iceland and really made the most of his time, staying overnight in a local hotel and visiting the local herring museum.


Article credit: Love Exploring

Photo credit: Pinterest

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