Names Nobody Wants To Use For Their Children

Vintage names have been making a comeback…


But, there are some names that have fallen out of fashion despite the surge in old-school by names, according to a list compiled by the Baby Center. In fact, several classic baby names have been so popular in the last few years that, they actually made it on the list of most popular baby names for the year. But there are some names that nobody seems to be using anymore. The Baby Center’s list scanned more than 200,000 North-American babies registered on their site, by parents between January and June 2017.


None of the 14 names on the Baby Center’s list have been used, in the first six months of the year and the site says the names are “at risk of going extinct.” That may be a little dramatic, but if you were thinking about naming your child, you might want to double-check your list first. (Or don’t. It’s your kid. Just be prepared for a lifetime of annoying comments about your kid’s quirky name.) The girls’ names include Bette/Bettie, Blanche, Erma/Irma, Krista, Myrtle, Olga and Rhonda. Although there might not be any millennial moms who are fans of Bette Midler or the Golden Girls, Krista is a name that definitely surprised us. Really? Not a single Krista? Yep. Turns out the name has fallen in popularity by more than 1,200 percent over the last year, according to the Baby Center user data.


The boys’ names include Carroll, Dick, Homer, Lowell, Roosevelt, Rudolph and Willard. If these names don’t make you think of crusty old men, kudos. But we think they run pretty close to some of the literary names, that have risen in popularity in the last few years. Interestingly, the Baby Center also identified the top 15 girl and boy names that have rapidly dropped in popularity—meaning, by the time your baby is in kindergarten, they won’t be very likely to share a name with any classmates.The girl names losing steam: Adrianna, Amelie, Brynn, Cadence, Elliana, Elsa, Giselle, Gwen and Gwendolyn, June, Kate, Liv, Penny, Savanna and Vera. Among the boy names that have dropped most in popularity: Alec, Bradley, Cade, Camden, Colin, Cristian, Dillon, Dominick, Joe, Jonah, Juan, Martin, Peyton, Phillip and Shane-and that’s a shame.


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