November 22, 2016 – Jewel Joke Of The Day

Thai Buddhist Monk Thailand Asia Clipart

Fred decides to become a monk.  He is reminded that one of the key rules in joining is taking a vow of silence.  Each monk is permitted only 2 words every 10 years.  Fred agrees and signs up.   Ten years pass and he drops by the office. “Has it been 10 years already?” asks the Abbott.  Fred nods.  “Okay.  Just remember, you’re only allowed to say 2 words.”  Fred says “Hard bed.” “Oh” says the Abbott “we replaced all the mattresses two years ago. We must have missed you.  We’ll get right on that. Thanks and we will see you in another 10 years.”

Another decade passes and Fred swings by the Abbott’s office.  “Is it that time again?” asks the Abbott.  Fred nods.  “Okay, remember, only 2 words.” Fred says “Cold food.”. “Hmmm” says the Abbott, “we replaced that stove last year.  I’ll look into it and thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ll see you in another 10 years.”

Another 10 years pass and Fred makes his visit to the office.  “Hi Fred” says the Abbott “remember only 2 words”.  Fred responds “I QUIT”.  “Good” says the Abbott “All you’ve done is complain the whole time you’ve been here!”

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