Ontario Men Save Skunk With Head Trapped Inside A Pop Can

A couple of Good Samaritans made life a little bit easier for a troublesome skunk that somehow managed to lodge its head inside of a pop can.

Karl Andrews says he was leaving his home in Arnprior, Ont., located approximately 65 kilometres west of Ottawa, on Monday morning when he noticed a hapless skunk, its head stuck in a can of 7Up, stumbling and bumping around.

“It’s not something you see every day so I broke out the phone, recorded it, and went to work,” Andrews said on Tuesday.

After he arrived at work, Andrews said he just couldn’t stop thinking about the skunk wandering around his property. So he shared the story with his coworker Jack Adams, and the pair decided to go see what they could do to help the animal.

Adams took the lead, capturing the skunk in a plastic bin they could take to attempt removing the pop can away from Andrews’ home.

“I wasn’t really worried about getting bit,” Adams said. “I was more worried about stinking for the rest of the day.”

When they reached an open area, Adams put on a pair of gloves and prepared to open the bin containing the skunk. In one swift movement, he removed the lid and expertly pulled the can off the animal’s head.

He didn’t get sprayed, and the skunk wandered off, newly freed from its pop can prison.

As for the skunk’s rescuers, Andrews said they were enjoying their new status as heroes… at least at home.

“We’re heroes with our wives. Both of our wives are animal lovers so I don’t think this story would be very good if I just ignored it and walked away,” he explained.


Article and Photo: CTV News


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