Ottawa Couple Shares Secret To 78-Year-Long Marriage

An Ottawa-area couple who wed more than 78 years ago say the key to their successful marriage was never arguing, combined with daily reminders that they care.


Nelson and Margaret Evoy got married on Oct. 22, 1938. They had met five years earlier while skating in a park when Margaret was 13 and Nelson was 15.


The couple celebrated Valentine’s Day over the weekend a retirement home in Kanata, Ont., where they were joined by dozens of family members, including great-great-grandchildren.


Margaret said she believes married people “have to show each other, pretty well daily … how much (they) care.”


Nelson agreed. “I thanked her for every meal we ever had,” he said.


It also helped that they never argued, according to Nelson. In fact, they get along so well that their eight decades together “doesn’t seem that long,” he said.


Margaret concurred, adding that she feels “very blessed to have a good husband.”


“He was always very patient.”





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