Ottawa Welcomes Belgian Royalty With Wrong Flag?

A flag mix-up caused Canada a bit of embarrassment…


Day one of a state visit by the king and queen of Belgium, the first such visit in over 40 years. Both flags feature black, yellow and red bands, but Belgian’s stripes are vertical while Germany’s are horizontal-really, oh common people-someone is not on the job-nice insult!


The Belgians are taking the trip to Canada very seriously. King Philippe and his wife, Queen Mathilde, are being accompanied by seven ministers, 100 business leaders and representatives from Belgium’s universities. “The German flag, it [will] make the headlines in Belgium newspapers and in websites, so people are talking about it.”


“It’s a strange story. Why do you confuse the German flag with the Belgium flag? Theoretically, it’s a big mistake by the Canadians.”  The royal couple today planted their own sugar maple tree at Rideau Hall and placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial.


On Tuesday they’re scheduled to attend a ceremony where, in honour of the conclusion of centennial commemorations marking the end of the First World War, a cannon used during that war will be handed over to the Canadian War Museum. The monarchs also will visit Toronto and Montreal during their tour. They do not have any scheduled visits with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Article credit: cbc.

Photo credit: Wim Dehandschutter

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