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Afternoon Announcer – 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


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I grew up in the West Island of Montreal (Pointe Claire). I grew up in the days of 80s Saturday morning Cartoons, always loved media, and entertainment. At 8 years old, I enrolled in Kids In Action, a youth theatre group run by Nathalie Gauthier, who now owns a circus / trapeze school in LA. She trains Pink and Cher on all their wire work, etc. I also loved radio, my dad had this stereo in the living room, we would sit and listen to disco, I eventually figured out how to attach a radio shack microphone to it and record onto a cassette. I loved listening to the commercials. When I finally got into radio school, we had a tour of a radio station, and I just remember being in the studio, and it felt like home. The production director played this old Yamaha motorcycle commercial, just they way it was produced the voice, everything, I was hooked. I love connecting with listeners & the community. Last thing, I love Sc-Fi, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc.


Favourite Food: Hard to pick just one…love a good steak with mashed potatoes, BBQ, love charcoal, a good burger….


Favourite Movie: Love a good action flick, but if I were to pick one movie, from production, script, etc. The first Avengers movie had all that. I was also a big Arnold fan growing up.


Favourite Activities: being a dad, 3 wonderful kids keeps me busy, DJing, going to sci-fi conventions, movie nights


Favourite Music: Hall & Oates, Eagles, Disco, Bob Seger, 80s/90s….pretty much anything that gets that party feeling going.



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