Places That Want You To Stop Visiting!

Planning a vacation doesn’t usually involve taking stock of local opinion on tourism, but…


Maybe it should. Between overcrowding and bad behavior, locals across the globe are taking a stand against tourists who just can’t seem to travel courteously, orrrr, the world is turning its posterior over a tea kettle. Being dubbed ‘‘Disney on the Sea” isn’t exactly a compliment. Venice, while Venetians fight to keep their homes above water, tourists from all over the world clog up famously narrow streets and canals. You know what doesn’t look great with the beautiful Italian architecture? Gigantic cruise ships photobombing your shot.


Sure, this is a place where Anne Frank is memorialized and Van Gough is revered, but you know what makes the trip really worthwhile? A frigging weed café! The incredible patient residents of Amsterdam deal with a mass tourism influx to their red light district and marijuana dispensaries. Just what you’d want in a visitor to your home: a stoned creep! Santorini capped its cruise visitor capacity at 8,000 persons per day, which seems too generous, really. Yes, the island is insanely beautiful. Sure, you’ll enjoy a famously romantic sunset over Oia–with thousands of other Instagrammers who are working on filtering their shot instead of taking it in. Also, the tourists literally clap for the sunset. What…what are you doing?


Oxford. Mary Clarkson, Labour councillor and Lord Mayor, tweeted this summer, “Some of us are coming [to the Edinburgh Festival] for a brief respite from the tourist hell of our own small city of Oxford”.   She continued, “Oxford is pretty much impossible between June-October. Cycle lanes all full of illegally parked tourist coaches and pavements blocked.” The Lord Mayor. Maybe don’t visit during the summer? People on vacation are often smiling. Russians think that people who smile are idiots. So, don’t have fun and you’ll do fine-lmao. And I found 12 other places as well, that do not wish tourists to come and visit, WOW, we have been told.


Article credit: Fodor’s

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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