Secret Marvel Locations Of The World

Some sights, such as the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House, are widely recognized and admired, while…


Others are overlooked and slowly fading into obscurity.  From the most awe-inspiring to downright crazy. I take a peek at just a handful of the mysterious and wondrous places our world has to offer.


Built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, the Mystery House has over 160 rooms, labyrinth-like hallways, staircases that lead nowhere and chimneys that don’t reach the roof. Sarah became obsessed about outwitting ghosts she blamed for the untimely deaths of her child and husband. Allegedly, she always slept in a different bedroom so the spirits, who have been killed by Winchester company guns, couldn’t find her. A visit to this house is sure to send a chill up your spine-and movie out soon.


Haw Par Villa, Singapore. Not your average theme park, the journey through Chinese folklore and mythology features limbless rats, human crabs and the Ten Courts of Hell. With over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas, it’s a bizarre experience that has left tourists speechless and troubled since 1937. One of the most astonishing sights in Maui’s rain forest are the eucalyptus trees that reveal vivid shades of reds, purples and greens during different times of bark shedding. The process is ongoing so the arrangement of the colors is constantly changing and evolving. “A grove of living kaleidoscopes”.


Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan. When an earthquake triggered a landslide in 1911, it blocked the gorge, creating a natural dam that eventually filled with rainwater – the sunken forest of Lake Kaindy. Because of the cold water that doesn’t exceed 6°C (43°F) even in summer, the submerged pines still remain on the trees more than a hundred years later. The water is surprisingly clear and you can see deep into the lake, which in winter freezes over and becomes a popular destination for ice fishing, and in summer is a hit among divers.


Article credit: Love Exploring

Photo credit: Sunchalet

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