Signs To Watch Out For When Booking A Hotel

Securing a great hotel room for your vacation is a key part of the overall vacation experience.


To truly enjoy your downtime, you should be bunking in accommodations that are clean, well-kept, within your budget and in an ideal location — whether that’s in the thick of the city or in the heart of the country. To help ensure you’re not sorely disappointed with your next hotel stay, and that you also get the most for your money, here are some tips to look for and what to avoid when booking a room.


Who doesn’t love a good bargain?  One should be cautious of hotel rooms advertised at incredibly low rates. Like the hotel could be  connected to a shopping mall and was undergoing major construction.” Lesson learned — there’s a reason a hotel may be unusually cheap.


In our high-tech, social media obsessed world, this bit of advice should go without saying. There are plenty of platforms out there that provide reviews of hotels. Do your research. It doesn’t take a long time to hunt down what travelers are saying about a property. Some of the top review sites include TripAdvisor and Oyster (which bills itself as the hotel tell-all).


It’s also important to understand that there are some review scams out there, including fraudulent reviews posted on sites like TripAdvisor and others. Frauds come in the form of reviews written by hotel employees, ex-hotel employees and anyone with an agenda. “If the reviews praise everything from the staff to the parking, and if you notice something formulaic about them, such as no typos, uniformly perfect grammar, and just sheer flattery, then it’s likely that you’re either looking at paid reviews or reviews done by staff of the hotels themselves in order to counterbalance negative reviews, move along, I’d say.


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