Slang Terms From The 80s No One Uses Anymore

Things were very different in the 80s.


We had a show business president, tensions with Russia, worries about nuclear war. Um… okay, maybe not so different. But the one thing that did set the 80s apart—other than shoulder pads, a winning Chicago Bears team, and smoking on airplanes—was the slang. It was such a rad, righteous time for language. You might even say that 80s slang was illin’. Slip into your most comfortable pair of Zubaz pants and sneakers without laces, and let’s get totally tubular with the best of 80s slang.


Gag me with a spoon. We have the San Fernando Valley to thank for this gem. An expression for when you want to show disgust or disappointment and it’s not enough just to say “I disapprove.” You’re so disturbed that you literally want to test your gag reflex. A sign of approval and possibly even envy. If something is “choice,” you have made the right decision. And for hilarious words no one uses from the 50s anymore.


Phat. It has nothing to do with being overweight. When phat is spelled with a “ph” in the beginning, it means something is exceptional. To be called phat is a compliment. And for more on things everyone used to say in the 1960’s that are currently no longer phat.  Bad. It’s opposite day! But only with this one word. If something’s bad, that means it’s good. But, confusingly, good does not mean bad. Good still means good, but bad means really good.


Bag your face. If your facial appearance leads something to be desired, perhaps you’d feel more comfortable with a brown paper bag on your head. Another contribution from the California Valley, who somehow became linguistic leaders during the 80s. Make sure your face is looking its best. Hope you get my jive maaaan and be cool.


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