Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World

The smallest and most…


Comfortable hotel rooms that won’t break the bank! Orrr…without a doubt a very original idea for a hotel. Have you ever imagined sleeping in a library? More than just a place to rest your head, if one is a book worm, who likes having a quiet corner to sit and read in. Book and Bed. It’s a super unique idea, and a good option for those who love literature.


Bloc Hotels.  Little hotel by an airport in London and offers comfort in a practical location for those looking for somewhere quick to sleep. And it also offers some beautiful views over the city. There is also a bathroom inside every room, something you wouldn’t find in the majority of the ‘capsule hotels’ in Japan. Anshin Oyado. Situated in the Japanese capital (Tokyo), hotel offers capsules with air conditioning, a tablet, a television and of course a bed.


CityHub. At first glance, looks just like any other capsule hotel. It’s pretty small, and has very bare interiors. However, it is actually super modern and futuristic, allowing guests to make food orders and other requests through a touchscreen. There is just one bed in each capsule, and a shared bathroom outside. Hotel has a very modern design, with what looks like capsules from the future.


Article credit: StarsInsider

Photo credit: Arch2O

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