Step Aside Elf – The Peep Goes On The Shelf Now


The Elf owns Christmas, but not Easter!  The makers of Marshmallow Peeps are attempting to start a new Elf on the Shelf-like Easter tradition with their Peep On A Perch. The Peep On A Perch features a storybook and a stuffed marshmallow chick.


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Peep on a Perch is an opportunity to learn about kindness. The story tells how the Easter Peep assists the Easter Bunny every year, decorating eggs and filling baskets and seeing how the children have acted with kindness as we approach Easter. The more kindness the Peep sees the happier he gets.


For parents, the premise is the same as the Elf on the Shelf. The Peep is moved around the house, popping up in a new, surprise location each day, which builds excitement for kids. (Parents just have to remember to move the Peep each day.)


It sells for between $18 and $25.






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