Strangest Laws Travelers Should Know

Travel is always an adventure. And even more so when you set your sights beyond your homeland,


Where the same rules and laws don’t always apply. The learning process, it turns out, can be fraught with faux pas. Please read on some of the strangest laws travelers should know.


Travelers, take heed. If you get happen to get invited to a Scottish wedding in Italy, you might want to think twice about donning that kilt. While we don’t know how much the law is actually enforced, it’s supposedly illegal for men to wear skirts in public in Italy. Should you be tempted to catch some z’s on a park bench in Croatia (which is also illegal and may get you fined, by the way), just make sure you don’t saw logs. Indeed, snoring in public is against the law in the stunning Mediterranean country that just begs for a snooze under the summer sun.


France may be the cliché country for romance, but if you attempt some PDA on a train platform in Paris (or any place else in the country), it’s technically interdit. That’s right, kissing on a train platform when the train is awaiting departure is illegal in France as it’s seen as potentially causing delays. Best to smooch before the train arrives, ma chérie. Germans are rabid recyclers. Just don’t think about banging around and making noise, tossing bottles into recycling bins after designated hours. That’s right, recycling hours are particularly strict on Sundays, the day of rest, when you could be busted  for a noise violation.


Switzerland is another country that takes Sunday, the day of rest, very seriously. And activities that could disturb your neighbours on their day off is strictly verboten. Mowing the lawn on a Sunday is also against the country’s love-your-neighbour rules. And Attending a wedding abroad is one of the most fun ways to immerse yourself in a new culture. But potential wedding crashers should take notice that, in South Australia, such indecency is actually illegal. Intentionally disturbing a wedding (and funerals too) in that part of the country can come with a very hefty fine and potentially time in prison.


Article credit: Espresso

Photo credit: Culture Trip

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