Subway Really Healthier Than McDonald’s, Burger King, And Others?

“Subway – Eat fresh.” With this slogan…


The sub shop promotes an image of supposedly fresh and healthy products. But are their sandwiches really healthier than food at other fast food chains? I’ve collected some facts and figures for you…. 390,000 employees, 15.2 billion dollars in sales in 2010, more than 41,000 stores worldwide.  In the past several years, Subway has fought its way to being one of the top fast food restaurant chains, and it is currently the largest fast food chain (in terms of number) in the entire world. (McDonald’s keeps the lead in sales.)


It’s built up an image of fresh and healthy food, in stark contrast to everything we know about so many other belt-busting fast food joints. But is it true that their subs are really that much healthier? The franchise was one of the first to jump on the “healthy” and “veggie” train, and they have always presented themselves as a company that promotes a healthy eating lifestyle. Through this, they want to distinguish themselves (and arguably do so successfully) from their “greasy” competitors such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut etc.


And that’s not all. Here, the customer is king, and you can individually create your sandwich, salad, or wrap according to your specific wishes. But how good for your are their subs really?  Their ingredients contain plenty of preservatives to keep the food fresh over the long delivery journey. However, despite the fact that nothing is truly “fresh”, their vegetables are relatively fresh and good quality. However, the big plus with Subway is the direct preparation of the sandwiches and other menu items right in front of their customers.


Just how good for you and low-calorie the sub is, in the end, depends on the composition – a factor that rests entirely in the hands of the customer. Stay far away from the meatball sub and opt instead for the veggie patty or lean poultry options. And don’t forget to pile on some vegetables for vitamins and nutrients! If you put your sub together right, you can definitely cut down (at least somewhat) on calories and fat. On average, then, it’s safe to say that Subway menus certainly offer more diet-friendly options than other fast food chains.


Article credit: Gourmandize

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