Is Successful Dieting More In Your Head Than In Your Stomach?

Want to lose weight? The first muscle you need to exercise is your brain. 


I say this because it’s another month, and another round of fad diets or silly, yet somehow trendy, workout contraptions promising a new body, a new you. But let’s not kid ourselves – nothing is going to work until you stop gazing down at your stomach in an accusing manner and start thinking about what’s going on upstairs instead. Weight loss is a mind game; end of. And until we get past the quick fix mentality we’ll always struggle with it.


You see, one of the biggest problems with traditional dieting is hunger. And hunger is an incredibly powerful urge, coming a very close third to the urge for self preservation. Telling someone who’s dieting and is ravenous to simply ‘use your willpower and don’t eat!’ Is fundamentally useless and doomed to failure. So, pick your battles, and simply control what you can. And understand that your brain can be constantly trying to sabotage and undermine you.


  1. Now is always the right time to start anything: because if you’re waiting until some arbitrary criterion is met, you’ll never do it. 2. Buy a Journal: Recording how you feel, not just what you eat, can help you reach your goals. 3. Take it day by day: Stick to a rough plan and you’ll have far more successful days than unsuccessful ones. 4. Before you get out of bed lie quietly with your eyes closed for a few moments and picture your day ahead. See yourself happy, content and relaxed. 5. Don’t feel you have to justify everything to your friends and family. 6. Be kind to yourself. As they say, ‘all things in moderation, including moderation itself’. 7. Remember there are no inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – it is emotionally neutral and any feelings you have about it come from within yourself.

Time to feel good with your body.



Photo credit: Blog – Beyond Dieting  

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