Cassava flour, mushrooms and, rather surprisingly, bacon are…


Some of the latest superfoods expected to take the nation by storm in 2018. Ranging from exotic maqui berries to ‘super powders’ like turmeric and some unusual nuts and oils,  superfoods to look out for this year. Lots of people are familiar with more unusual flours made from coconut or buckwheat, but the latest wheat substitute to hit the shelves is cassava. Traditionally used in Bali and South Asia, this soft flour, made from the root vegetable cassava, is paleo and vegan friendly as well as being gluten- and nut-free, making it an excellent alternative for those with intolerances.


The health and well being benefits of ‘super powders’ like turmeric are well documented. The bright golden-yellow spice is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies suggest it could help combat dementia. As a result, the health food retailer say they expect to see a big rise in people taking powders including turmeric, maca, cacao and matcha – which are high in antioxidants and said to help speed up metabolism.

 Maqui berries

These tasty little morsels are low in sugar and crammed with anti-oxidants, as well as being packed with vitamins. With a much milder flavour than Goji or Acai berries, they’re even thought to help regulate blood sugar levels – perfect for those looking for a simple way to combat sugar cravings without getting a dreaded insulin spike.

 Tiger nuts

These small, raisin-like nuts are brimming with fibre, vegetable protein, potassium and prebiotics, known to assist digestion. They’re also a fantastic source of magnesium, a natural muscle relaxant and essential mineral to keep blood pressure healthy and bones strong.

Nut oils

Whether derived from almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts or any other variety of nut imaginable, last year the whole nation was in a nut butter frenzy. This year however, nut oils will be the new nutty product of choice.  These oils posses a better smoke point than others, as well as having a lower trans fat intake.

6. Bacon

It may seem unlikely given the bad press bacon has received recently (in 2015 the World Health Organisation concluded processed meat, including bacon, is a carcinogenic), but now bacon could alleviate the effects of diabetes, strokes and heart disease.  However, you must choose your meat wisely, opting for a variety free of nitrates (these are chemical or natural salts added to food as preservatives).


Article credit: Country Living

Photo credit: Paleo Fox


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