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How Often Do You Wash Your towel?

Ever wonder after how many showers do you throw your towel in the washing machine, and what is the official towel use to wash ratio. First of all, it isn’t environmentally friendly to wash your towels in the washing machine

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All People Carry Personal Cloud Of Germs, Chemicals

You might feel squeaky clean after that morning shower, but you carry an invisible cloud of bacteria, viruses, fungi and chemicals every day. In fact, if your personal exposome was visible to the naked eye, the researchers said, you’d look like

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An American Woman Just Died From A Superbug Resistant To 26 Different Antibiotics

A 70 year old woman has died after contracting a superbug that could not be treated with any known antibiotic. As microbiologist Dr. Lance Price tells Day 6 host Brent Bambury, cases like this will soon be all too common. “This is

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