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Tim Hortons Is Giving Away Free Coffees Across Canada Today

Skip the Starbucks and say sayonara to Second Cup, because today, Tim Hortons is doling out the caffeine for free. 

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Four Cups Of Coffee A Day Might Be The Key To Living Longer

Drinking four cups of coffee a day could slash the chances of an early death, a major Spanish study suggests.

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Ways To Make Steak Tender And Delicious

You could be one of those who BBQs all year round or, if you’re thinking about grilling but want to stick to a budget,

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Enjoy The Culture With A Coffee!

Pierre Raphaël pelletier   He writes, paints and lives taking care of himself and the other to the extent possible and sometimes impossible. A writer to have as a friend ..   Photo credit:

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It’s National Coffee Day!

It’s National Coffee Day and Tim Hortons is asking Canadians to let their kindness shine by helping share at least 10,000 free coffees in 10 days.

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The Single-Serve Capsule Coffee Market And You

”Based on a true story” The coffee break has gotten a makeover. Recent figures show that single-serving coffee capsule brewing machines, such as Keurig-to mention one were the second most popular brewing system

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Tim Hortons Plans Philippines Expansion

People craving a jolt of caffeine in the Philippines may soon be able to order a double-double at their local Tim Hortons. Restaurant Brands International, the multinational owner and operator of Tim Hortons and Burger King, said Thursday that it

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Tea Or Coffee? Which One Is Better!

To some, coffee is an essential drug of sorts: a jolting liquid that staves away fatigue, headaches, and lack of motivation. Of course, coffee sometimes sounds more like an addiction than a drink that’s good for you, and this is

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Coffee May Lose Stimulant Effect After 3 Short Nights’ Sleep

Caffeine is known for its effects as a stimulant, boosting levels of alertness and concentration. However, new American research suggests that caffeine may no longer be beneficial after three nights of just five hours’ sleep.   Grabbing a coffee is

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Coffee No Longer Deemed Possible Carcinogen, UN Says

Go on, have another cup. Coffee is now off the list of things that could possibly cause cancer.   Experts convened by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm declared Wednesday that there isn’t enough proof to show that the

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