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It’s Official! Ottawa Ranked #1 Place To Study

While Montreal took the top spot in the 2017 QS Best Student Cities index that was released yesteray, Ottawa also had a moment in the spotlight after it was voted by students as the best university city in the world.

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Study Tests Boots: 9 In 10 Can’t Grip On Icy Slope

Researchers tested 98 different pairs of winter boots to see how they stood up against ice and found that 90 per cent of them didn’t meet their minimum slip resistance standard.   Researchers on the iDAPT team at the Toronto

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Too Much Artificial Light Can Have A Negative Health Effects

Too much exposure to artificial light and a failure to establish a “light-dark” cycle can have a negative effect on health, suggests a new European study.   The positive health benefits of natural light throughout the day, especially in the

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When You Eat Is More Important Than What You Eat, Study Says

People who skip meals, eat on the go or late in the evening are less healthy than people who have regular sit-down meals with others, a study has found.   The authors of the analysis into the nutritional effects of

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Study Reveals Misguided Familial Affection Leads To Household Food Waste

Recently published research reveals that familial affection is linked to over-serving, and this misguided love leads to over-consumption, wasted food and money.   After interviewing and observing 20 caregivers, the findings show mothers in particular enjoy serving large portions of

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Women More Prone To Anxiety Than Men, Review Finds

Struggling with anxiety? Then odds are you’re a woman and you live in either North America or Western Europe.   That’s the conclusion of a new British study that found that women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety

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Study Finds Link Between High Blood Pressure And Air Pollutants

New research suggests that both short- and long-term exposure to some air pollutants is associated with the development of high blood pressure, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke.   Previous studies have shown that air pollution could

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Healthy Aging Has Little To Do With Age: Study

When it comes to maintaining health in one’s older years, age means little and obesity may not be so bad after all, according to a U.S. study released Monday.   Factors such as loneliness, depression and having broken a bone

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Jupiter’s Moon Europa Could Have Right Chemical Balance To Support Life, NASA Study Finds

Jupiter’s moon Europa could have the right chemical balance to support life, NASA has said.   According to a new study, the balance of hydrogen and oxygen production on the small moon is comparable to that on Earth, meaning the

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Keeping Busy Is Good For The Aging Brain

New research has found that older adults with busy lifestyles enjoy better cognitive function than their less busy peers.   If you’re having a hectic day with too much to do, then science could have some good news for you,

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This Tylenol Ingredient May Affect Your Empathy

A small recent study suggests that taking acetaminophen may not only dull your physical pain, but your ability to feel others’ pain as well.   Acetaminophen, which is the painkiller in Tylenol, is the most common drug ingredient in the

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Owning A Cat Cuts Stroke Risk

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third.   Scientists said that having a cat helped to relieve stress and anxiety, which is known to help protect against heart disease by

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