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Cash, Credit or Bitcoin?

No need to pull out the credit card or dip into the savings account for your meals, KFC is now accepting Bitcoin as payment. 

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How The Smartphone Affected A Generation

As someone who reflects on generational differences… 

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Why Technology Is Addictive And What To Do About It

A buzzing phone, glowing tablet or the sound of a favourite video game can be a powerful temptation many can’t resist.   Now new research shows the cravings we have to connect to our devices can in fact be a real addiction.   “Seventy-five

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More Car Dash Icons You Shouldn’t Ignore

What are all those annoying little warning lights on your vehicle’s dash trying to tell you?

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Things Your Husband Wishes You’d Stop Doing Online

When it comes to the major reasons couples fight these days, you can put social media right up there with money and sex. 

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Apple Expected To Unveil iPhone 7 On Wednesday

Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone and maybe even a second-generation smartwatch at a special event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The rumour mill has been grinding away with talk of iPhone 7 models that will boast faster

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Facebook Wants To Deliver High-Speed Internet To Via Laser Beams

Facebook is working on a means of delivering high-speed internet to remote areas via laser beams. The project has now taken a step forward, after a first test delivered connection speeds over 2Gbps, according to an article penned by four

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End Of An Era: Japan To Manufacture Last-Ever VCR This Summer

Funai Electric Company, the last remaining Japanese manufacturer of VCR devices sold under various brand names, such as Sanyo in North America has announced an end to production this summer. The manufacturer reported sales of 750,000 video recorders worldwide in

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How To Charge Your Cellphone Battery, The Right Way

Charging a cellphone sounds simple, right? When it runs out of power, you plug it in until it’s charged back up.   But according to the battery experts at, a website created by Cadex Electronics, that’s the wrong way

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How Mobile Internet Actually Works

In some ways, the internet actually is a series of tubes. Some cell phone and internet companies might like you to think that your mobile internet connection is truly wireless  but in reality, your data is largely still just shooting

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Why Snapchat Just Made Its Biggest Change Ever

Snapchat on Wednesday announced a new feature that signals a major philosophical change for a social media company that has, until now, placed great emphasis on immediacy.   The new feature, called “Memories,” works like a holding bin for photos

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On This Day In Music History

On July 2nd 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman, the first portable audio cassette player. Over the next 30 years they sold over 385 million Walkmans in cassette, CD, mini-disc and digital file versions, and were the market leaders until the

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KFC India Is Offering A Chicken Meal Box That Charges Your Phone

Ever been eating KFC and wondered why the container the chicken came in didn’t give you the ability to charge your phone? We haven’t either. But the chain decided to put a phone charger in one of its boxes anyway.

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Protect Yourself From Harmful Wireless Radiation…

Is electromagnetic radiation produced by wireless technology really harmful to our health? Yes, according to the World Health Organization and the International Cancer Research Centre of France. Stating that cell-phone, lap tops, tablets even smart meters etc…cause radiation that may

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Pepper The Robot Lands Job At Belgian Hospital

His diction is still a little odd, and his movements sometimes a bit hesitant, but Pepper the robot is all geared up to help patients at two Belgian hospitals.   The humanoid assistant, who has a screen on his chest

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