The Benefits Of Eating Al Dente Pasta

Trust me, when you have that perfect dish of pasta in front of you, prepared with perfection and soul, the pasta just cooked enough (al dente) and not overcooked to a soft texture.  This equals a taste that drives you pasta crazy! (Who agrees with me?) Literally translated from Italian, this means: to the tooth. Firm to the touch. If your pasta package gives the time for pasta to cook-ignore it, And u must taste your pasta while it is cooking.

Al dente pasta complements the sauce sitting on top. Al dente pasta is firmer for better texture, mouth feel and taste. Cooking pasta al dente helps keep blood sugar in better control.  Has less calories then the overcooked stucko stuff too. To taste al dente pasta in a restaurant?-cause you are paying for it. Try Le St. Theodore in Chertsey Qc., Ca. And Restaurant Lugano’s in Laval Qc., Ca.-And ask to be served by Cosma, Worth the drive and squeezita.


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