Things You Should Always Have In Your Freezer, No Matter What

Compound butter is butter mixed with various ingredients, such as herbs, lemon juice, spices, etc.


It’s a great condiment to have on hand for the simplest of needs, whether it be for buttering up your morning toast or slathering atop a sizzling steak. I acknowledge that you might not be up to making your own bread at home, but if you ever do feel up to the challenge, it’s worth a try. And contrary to common usage, the best way to store fresh bread that you might not get through quickly is in the frezer, not the refrigerator. Simply double-wrap in plastic bags, and freeze. Then let thaw whenever you’re ready to eat it. Cooked beans are good for a multitude of meals, including burritos, salads, veggie burgers, and stews. Plus, they thaw easily, which makes them an optimal choice straight from the frezer to the pan.


Seasoned pulled pork is not only utterly delicious, but it is also an ideal meat for cooking in the crock pot. That means, you can make big batches of the stuff and freeze the leftovers for last-minute tacos, burritos, sandwiches, enchiladas, nachos, etc. Preparing freezer smoothie packs, is the best way to ensure you’ll have a fuss-free breakfast ready to blend up and take on the go for busy mornings. Frozen shrimp is a must-have freezer staple for so many reasons. For one, it thaws up super fast, making it the perfect protein to toss into quick stir-fry dinners, or yummy pastas like spicy shrimp scampi. It also makes an easy, throw-together appetizer for shrimp cocktail or quick brochettes. The choices are endless and yummmmy!


You could also just throw a package of bacon in your freezer, and no one would bat an eye. But the problem with that is you’ll have to use the entire package once you let it thaw. Instead, freeze bacon in individual slices. Then you can use as much as you want later, for all your glorious bacon needs. And we’ve all been there. We get home from the grocery store with a ton of veggies, telling ourselves we’re not going to waste any of the produce this week. And by the end of the week, or for certain veggies, the end of the month, we peel/cut them to find they’ve gone bad. So, take fresh, whole veggies and chop or slice them up. Then toss into individual giant freezer bags (or mix ’em up according to specific recipes such as stir-fries, soups or Mexican dishes) and take what you need later on. And just enjoy the ambiance/moment.


Article credit: Gourmandize

Photo credit: Tiny House Ontario  





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