Things To Know Before You Send Another Email

Here’s an eye-opening statistic. 


Over 460 billion emails are sent every day.  And here’s an even more eye-opening one…More than 8 outa 10 of those emails are …spam. Because of these staggering numbers, mailbox providers have gone to great lengths to only deliver content their customers want.  A recent study shows that—only 76% of marketing emails sent are actually delivered to subscribers’ inboxes. All this creates a challenge marketers have never seen before… The more you email, the less likely you will actually reach your prospect. So what can you do?


There’s a single basic truth behind all effective emails. Sending emails like carpet bombing—blasting bulk emails about things that people don’t care about—invariably get lost in the noise. But… when you speak to individual interests, your emails take on a whole new level of value. Making the email all about knowing and giving the recipient what they want. To give the recipient what they want, you have to answer 3 specific questions:


What do you want to say?  Who do you want to say to?  When do you want to say it? These are questions many never consider when they should be the FIRST questions you answer before you ever send a single email. In any area of communication, there are subtopics that make up that broader area. You need to offer content that speaks specifically to those subtopics. You wish to send specific content to recipients who’ve identified areas they’re interested in. That means,  you need to segment your list—creating groups of recipients based on different areas of interest.


The best time to connect with a recipient is when they’ve expressed an interest with you. You want to be able to keep track of recipients actions. For instance, are they looking at a specific blog post page? Are they downloading an article or other giveaways? Have they visited your page recently? By doing this, you’ll be sending the right recipient the right message at the right time which, in turn, will encourage them to deal with you.

So remember… before you send another email, answer these three questions: What do you want to say?  Who do you want to say it to? When do you want to say it?


Article credit:  Drip

Photo credit: Target Training GmbH



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