Things Lottery Winners Won’t Tell You

Whether we win $500 million or $1 million, about 70 per cent of us lose or spend all our money in five years or less. 


Always play the second-chance drawings. Some games require you to mail in your losing ticket. Others tell you to go online and register the ticket’s serial number. People either don’t know about the drawings or don’t take the time to enter, so your chances of winning are always better. Do we still play the lottery? OHHHH YAAAA! Friends come around to tell sob stories about being behind on local taxes, how they are going to loose the house because they can’t pay.  Get on your computer, looked up tax records, and see that they are not behind. Print out that page and send it to them, well, that is the end of the friendship.


If you win $6 million and find yourself in a room full of lottery winners who won $100 million or more, all of a sudden, you feel like the poor one. It’s all relative.  After one family won the lottery, they bought an eight-bedroom, seven-bath, 10,000-square-foot mansion because they could, and it sounded amazing. Well, now they are selling the eight-bedroom, seven-bath mansion because it’s impractical for a family of four-a ya!. After we won and moved into an exclusive neighborhood, we planned a huge Fourth of July party and invited all our neighbors. None of them came–they thought we didn’t earn our money.


It drives winners nuts when people ask where they keep the money, how we spend it, and if we still have it. No one would dream of asking a CEO those questions. Everyone who wins thinks they’re going to have the same friends and do the same things. But if you have $100 million and if you wish to fly to Hong Kong for the weekend, you need to either find someone who can afford to go with you or, be willing to subsidize someone. And subsidizing people gets old. And you haven’t really lived until someone picks up the laundry from your front porch and brings it back to you that night, completely done and neatly folded. 🙂


Article credit: Reader’s Digest.CA

Photo credit: Money Crashers  

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