Things To Use to Stay Slim… In Kardashian Style

Drop weight and and lose belly fat with the help of these affordable Kardashian-approved products-


c’mon …let’s have some fun. You’ve got to admit that the Kardashian sisters are all in amazing shape-beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that stuff. Although you might say their fame and fortune is to thank for their trim figures, but money can’t buy toned abs or lean limbs. Really, it can’t. These girls put in the same sweat and discipline as the rest of us and they have business know how too.  They are huge fans of fruit-filled detox water—and apparently so is Khloé K.!  Avoin fruit infuser water bottle. You should always take one on the way to…work out. Fruit-infused water is way yummier than plain H2O, so it makes it easy to stay hydrated. From time to time you should  try new flavor combos to keep things interesting”.


And if you can, try on Michi’s “Stardust” crop pants. The mesh detailing is perfect for transitioning from the gym to lunch with friends in style-cause you can’t exercise all day long-you got to get out and show off your fruits of your training labor. All it takes is a quick scroll through Khloé’s Instagram feed to see that she’s totally obsessed with Protein World’s Slender Blend. The protein blend comes in four different flavors: vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, and “naked,” the brand’s flavorless blend. They have whey-based varieties as well as a vegan blend made with pea protein. She’s dropped an impressive 40 pounds on her current diet, so yeah, we’ll take what she’s having?


Manuka Honey. This dark, thick honey produced in New Zealand has been found to have antibacterial properties and higher levels of antioxidants than lighter honey. Antioxidants repair tissue damage and soothe inflammation, which can result in a leaner you. That said, we can’t say we were shocked to learn that Kourtney Kardashian is a big fan. She’s a total health fanatic, after all! In an Instagram post, the eldest Kardashian said that she adds Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey to her smoothies, and also enjoys mixing it into bread recipes and tea. And have a Kardashian work out and diet today-and who knows, you could feel that good too…and and give them a little tweet too, they may respond.


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