Travel Apps That Don’t Require Internet Access

Tripit, leave the printed itinerary at home. This app automatically pulls information from relevant emails to compose one beautiful, organized list


with everything you need to know. Have a worrywart mother at home? Send her the schedule, too, so she knows exactly when you’re on a guided hike out of service range. CITYMAPS2GO, not only can you see your location on a map without using any data, but you can also curate lists of things you want to do. Or, if you want someone else to do the work, download already-made guides. MASTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WITH HERE, on vacation, there’s no time to waste—especially in the back of a cab. This app calculates all your route options to present you with the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Now you can cram in even more time at the Louvre or scouting the streets for cute Parisian men. Score.


XE CURRENCY…OK, so if one U.S. dollar equals 22,787.50 Vietnamese dong, how much does this coffee cost? Save yourself a math headache with this app that helps you keep track of exactly what you’re spending so you don’t end up blindly throwing cash around and going way over budget. TRIPOSO, guidebooks are heavy and this digital guide is all you need. You can plan your whole day with its extensive lists of hot spots to visit, or use the wandering option to get notifications when you pass by anything worth stopping for, all offline, of course.


LIVETREKKER, you’ll actually keep that promise to yourself of keeping a journal. Using GPS to tag your photos along your trip, this app creates an interactive record of everything you do. You can even add your own notes so you remember exactly when and where you ate those insanely delicious dumplings. GOOGLE TRANSLATE, sure, you took German all through high school, but do you remember how to say, “Where’s the nearest biergarten?” We didn’t think so. Download the language packs you’ll need for your trip before you leave so you can avoid the embarrassment of accidentally mixing up words like night (nacht) and nude (nackt). And if you look more into it…there are more.


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