[VIDEO] A Peacock Went Wild In A Liquor Store

A peacock walks into a liquor store — it’s a punchline waiting to happen.


The butt of the joke in this case was Rani Ghanem, the manager at Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia, Calif.


He was forced to clean up about $500 worth of wine and Champagne after the exotic bird became trapped in his store on Monday.

“This was really out of my comfort zone,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “I was kind of scared, I didn’t know what to do.”

Ghanem tried to guide the peacock out of the store but it found its way to the top of the wine shelves, where it watched  customers with a “bird’s eye view,” the network said.

Watch it here!


Customers filed in and out of the store as it remained there and some took pictures with it.


Animal Control eventually arrived to guide the bird out of the store with a net but the peacock instead flew down to a shelf full of wine bottles.


It knocked over a number of items in the process, leaving Ghanem with quite the cleanup.


The bird was eventually guided to safety.


Story Credit: Global News

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Video Credit: YouTube

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