Ways Your Body Changes When Drinking Water

The cells throughout your body need water to function…


Which is why we can all tips on getting more water into your diet. ‘Water is a basic need for cellular health. Cells contain water and are surrounded by water. In dehydration, cell membranes become less permeable, hampering the flow of hormones and nutrients into the cell and preventing waste products that cause cell damage from flowing out. How much water do you need boost energy? Depending on who you ask, the exact amount varies. Pointing out the most agreed-upon recommendation of six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. This could change though, depending on the climate you live in and the type of lifestyle you lead. ‘Some adults may need more or less, depending on their overall health, including if they have certain illnesses, take specific medications and more.


Your brain is hugely dependent on fluid to work properly. All those synapses and neurons need liquid to fire properly. According to a published paper in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one of the most reliable predictors of decline in memory and mental performance is dehydration. And yet, according to some polls, estimate that upwards of 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. And that number worsens in summer.


Ever feel like you have no control over your attention span? Your mind just wanders no matter how hard you try to focus on the task at hand? Drink a big glass of water and watch what happens: According to research published in the journal Nutrients, mild dehydration interferes with brain processing and breaks down the ability to focus. Just like sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, making time to sweat it out in your favorite workout class or log miles on your nearby running path, water is one of the most essential needs of your body. In fact, since we’re made up of so much water, it makes sense why we would constantly need it to replenish, cleanse and feed our system. Water time regularly !


Article credit: Reader’s Digest

Photo credit: Sites at Penn State 

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