‘Weather Bomb’ Heading Our Way

A weather bomb is heading towards…


Nova Scotia-Eastern US and Canada and we are on the edge of the storm.  It will bring a messy mix of rain, ice pellets and a whole lot of snow and strong winds on Thursday. The entire province is under weather warnings and Nova Scotia Power is urging customers to prepare for large-scale outages. The storm had a “rather innocent start” as a weak, warm low-pressure area near the Bahamas on Tuesday. However, it is now moving north, colliding with extremely cold air off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.


“That is the fuel for a low-pressure system, and will strengthen into a major winter storm rapidly over the next 24 hours.” The fast drop in pressure — a fall of 24 millibars in 24 hours — is known as “bombing out,” producing a “weather bomb.” That results in a storm that develops “explosively” — quickly and with great power. Some forecasts predict the central pressure of the storm to drop near 950 millibars “which is virtually unheard of in the Atlantic outside of a hurricane.”


The storm will likely result in a widespread loss of power, a disheartening prospect for those who endured days, in some cases, of power outages following the Christmas Day storm. Though temperatures will be around zero or above during the storm, a polar vortex will plunge temperatures into the minus teens afterwards.  A polar vortex is a semi-permanent, cold-air mass that circles over the Arctic. Under the right conditions, this swirling mass of air breaks down and settles in the southern areas of Canada and northern parts of the U.S.  All this means a very cold weekend, something those without power need to take into account.


Daytime highs on both Saturday and Sunday are expected to be near –10 C with the overnight lows well into the minus teens. So, be informed and prepared!


Article credit: cbc

Photo credit:  cbc

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