Weird Laws Tourists Could Fall Foul Of

No stealing, no vandalizing, no speeding: we all think we know the law.


But the rules you think you know can change drastically once you go overseas. In some countries, the most innocuous acts, such as drinking water or stepping on money, could land you with a fine or even a lengthy jail sentence. Here are some of the most unusual laws around the world, from the practical to the utterly bizarre.


In super-clean Singapore, it’s not just chewing the gum, but also importing it that is a total no-no. The ban on chewing gum was introduced in 1992 as just one of many laws to improve the cleanliness of the island: there are also bans on spitting, graffiti and littering. However, as of 2004, chewing gums with health benefits, such as nicotine gum, are available for purchase.


Think twice before packing any trendy khaki gear: wearing camouflage print in Trinidad and Tobago could get you in trouble with the law. The pattern is banned in the country to prevent those who aren’t in the military from posing as soldiers.


Watch where you walk if you’re in Thailand, because inadvertently stepping on Thai money could land you with a hefty jail sentence. Thai banknotes have the image of the King on them, and stepping on them could be construed as an insult to the monarchy.


Leave the stilettos at home if you’re planning to visit some of Greece’s famous ancient sites. Heels have been banned at many of the country’s awesome archaeological sites, such as Athens’ Odeon of Herodes Atticus, due to concerns that the footwear could damage monuments.


You might like to stay hydrated on the plane, but leave your bottles of water behind when you land in Nigeria: it’s illegal to bring mineral water or soft drinks into the country. Those who do could be subject to fines and confiscation. And there are more so…Check before travelling.


Article credit: Love Exploring

Photo credit: Africa Studio

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