Which Is Worse: Dessert Or Alcohol?

Would you rather have a chocolate truffle or glass of wine?


How about a warm cookie out of the oven, or a zesty margarita?

Let’s talk about sugar and alcohol: two things that have been somewhat demonized in the wellness world yet, are still big parts of many of our favorite indulgences. A good glass of wine or a delicious piece of cake is a part of a balanced, well-rounded diet; they can contribute to your overall sanity when you’re eating clean! But sugar and alcohol themselves – generally speaking – are not really healthy substances you want in your diet. So is there a lesser of two evils?


While some trainers suggest eradicating alcohol from the diet entirely, I’ve also noticed many diet plans allow an occasional glass of wine during the week while forbidding dessert. Is one worse than the other? Why No Desserts? Among many reasons, sweets can be more addictive than alcohol.

  • Fewer calories, less sugar. “First, a glass of wine, though it has calories and sugar, has less calories and sugar on average than a standard dessert.” “alcohol has less fat than dessert, and this is a lingering trend from when low-fat diets were ‘in.'”
  • Portion control. “Most people can easily have one glass of wine, whereas one brownie leads to two . . . and three . . . and oh God, where’d all the brownies go?” Makes sense to moi.


How Does Your Body Process Alcohol and Sugar? “The liver has a strict ‘to-do list’ – first, process out any chemicals or toxins in the body (everything from hard drugs to Splenda and artificial ingredients), then, process alcohol, and last, fat. So, if you have toxins or alcohol in your system, your liver will take care of those before getting to fat.” This is a key reason why alcohol can contribute to weight gain, especially if it’s not moderated.


Artificial ingredients are toxins! “A highly processed and refined dessert, with a long list of ingredients you don’t understand, would have a similar effect on the liver’s ability to process fat than a single glass of wine.” What kind of dessert are you opting for?  Not all desserts are created equal. So . . . Which Should You Choose? There’s not a definitive answer. “It really depends,”  “is the dessert homemade, natural one? Does the alcohol have a high-sugar content? There are so many variables.”


Article credit: PopSugar

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