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Don’t know if I’m allowed to post this but here I go :

This affects for everyone who has a commercial vehicle in their driveway.

I’m starting my business in Hawkesbury, with a mobile Ice Cream truck, got permission from our Township. The problem is that I can’t park my truck in my driveway because of my neighbor that complained to the Township and need to remove my truck by June 26th…..I need my truck plugged in due to DAIRY PRODUCTS.

This affects not just me but everyone who has a commercial vehicles or trailer (Roofers, Plumbers…..), 4 x 4 diesel pick up trucks, snow removal trucks.

If I can’t park my truck in my double laneway and truck parked right beside the house and not bothering no one except 1 person. It gives me no choice to go further with this situation. I will have no choice to sell my house and move my business elsewhere.

When I moved here in Hawkesbury last year and 5 minutes I got to my driveway to move in, my neighbor tells my mover to keep my dog on my side, my dog stays in the backyard, that was the welcome I got from my neighbor.

I need your support and concerns about my situation.

Thank you for reading my post.

Belle’s Ice Cream Truck.

The owners started an online petition at to be able to keep the vehicle parked at her home, as it breaks a by-law.

The petition can be found at

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