Hobbies People Have Actually Listed On Their Resume


Not sure if it is still the thing to do in 2019, but at one time many people would list some of their favourite hobbies on their resume when applying for a job.  Coburg Banks, the recruitment agency Response and CareerAddict joined forces to list some of the most bizarre hobbies applicants have put on their resume, including:


1. “Drinking”
2. “Painting my toenails”
3. “Samurai sword collecting”
4. “Snake skin collecting”
5. “Work”
6. “Ferret racing”
7. “Handcuff-collecting”
8. “Frog dissections”
9. “I am the batman”
10. “My interests include cooking dogs and interesting people”
11. “Laser tag”
12. “Work, putting in overtime, not drinking, smoking, or doing anything else that would increase the company’s health-care costs”
13. “Time travel”
14. “Being awesome”
15. “Tying knots”
16. “Collecting pebbles”
17. “Observing geometric shapes”
18. “Space Travel”
19. “Taking surveys”
20. “Honestly, I like doing nothing”




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